Mermex Presentation


The Mediterranean Sea, which has been identified as a “hotspot” for climate change, is therefore expected to experience environmental impacts that are considerably greater than those in many other places around the world. These natural pressures interact with the increasing demographic and economic developments occurring heterogeneously in the coastal zone, making the Mediterranean even more sensitive.




MERMEX aims at studying the response of Mediterranean ecosystems to climate change and anthropogenic pressures, and combines integrated observation / experimental / modeling approaches.


In a synthesis paper (MERMEX Group, 2011), MerMex provided a review of the state of current functioning and responses of Mediterranean marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems with respect to key natural and anthropogenic drivers.

Mass transfer and biogeochemistry of the Gulf of Lion – Meeting for MERITE Action “Fishing Grounds”– June 6th-7th 2016 – Montpellier, France

  The meeting was divided into three parts: Presentation of the new MerMex organization (MERITE, PEARL, PEACETIME) and assessment of work in MerMex Phase 1 ; General discussion on the expectations and project participation ; Major scientific issues and inclusion in MerMex.   “Carbon, nutrients, sediment, contaminant transport and transformation from Rivers to canyon export …

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Marine Ecosystem Services Workshop

Marine Ecosystem Services Workshop – November 26th-27th 2015 – Villefranche sur Mer, France

  This interdisciplinary workshop aimed at bringing together different disciplines – including, but not limited to, biology, ecology and social sciences – to interact about the issue of marine ecosystem services.   A wide range of topics were targeted, including: conservation biology, environmental ethics, environmental and/or ecological economics, marine regional planning, environmental agreements, the fight …

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